World Sight Day 2021 – “Love Your Eyes”

The Eyes are one of the most important organs that we need to take care of. It is easy to take our vision for granted, especially if we can see clearly enough and are not experiencing any discomfort, such as irritation or redness. However, once your vision has been damaged, it is difficult to restore it to its previous state.

Therefore, it is critical to proactively look after your eye health on a regular basis. This year’s topic for World Sight Day 2021, which annually takes place on October 14th, is “ #LoveYourEyes ” to encourage more people to be aware of the importance of our own eye health. There are a few simple steps you should follow to keep your eyes healthy. If you are able, you should also have your eyes examined and encourage others to do the same. Protect your sight, Love your eyes! Happy World Sight Day!

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