UPro Porcine Detection Kit

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UPro – Porcine Detection Kit product is a result of research from PHARCI  in collaboration with Proline. Proline stands for Prodia Diagnostic Line, a business unit of Prodia Group engaged in In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry.

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Porcine is a scientific term to refer to pigs or to describe anything that resembles a pig. Porcine detection is one of the testing methods for pig contamination detection in food, cosmetics, and toiletries products that use pig derivatives, such as enzymes, gelatine, lard, and pork oil. Porcine is a remarkable substitution of pigs, blood clots, organs in pig animals, and food processing plants that use derivatives from pigs. 


The porcine detection kit contains reagents and materials for the extraction and isolation of DNA. The system itself uses Real-Time PCR (qPCR), which is a molecular technique with the basic mechanism of replication of DNA using enzymes, thus the amount of DNA inside the sample is able to be quantified. Real-time PCR has been used widely for detecting pig contamination inside food, cosmetics, and medication products. This method is proven to be valid, quick, and sensitive enough to detect the DNA of pigs contained in the products even in a small amount.