University-Business Collaboration

The GITA Project has encouraged us to build a professional network with many stakeholders in various fields. The cooperation activity includes but not limited to:

  1. Guest Lecture: We provided guest lectures for students to supplement the course taught in the class. 
  2. Internship: Students are allowed to learn directly in the professional working environment. They learn what kind of work they need to do as a pharmacist and how to integrate the knowledge taught in class into real practice. 
  3. Alumni Network: The Alumni Network provides connections that help the faculty in terms of academic and work cooperation. Through the Alumni Network, we can provide students guest lectures, company visits, internships, workshops, and career advice.
  4. Conference: We hold a conference annually, where we conduct business plan competitions simultaneously. There, we invite experts, business owners, professional bodies, and practitioners. 
  5. Career Development Day: Faculty will continue their career day program, invites recruiters from several industries to the faculty.
  6. Business Plan Competition: We hold a conference annually, where we conduct business plan competitions simultaneously. We invite experts, business owners as the judge for the competition. The winner is given prizes and has a privilege to use the Growth Hub, to support their business development. 
  7. Students Entrepreneurship Forum: Together with Student Body, we organize a mini-seminar, discussion, business talks with alumni, business owner, and expert.
  8. Corporate Research Project: Several Master Degree students are engaged in Corporate Research Projects. The data from the Research Project frequently used for their thesis.

All activities above reviewed periodically and updated whenever a new plan commences or if there are changes to the program.