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TransGENE is a transfection DNA non-liposomal reagen that is used to transfer DNA to various cell lines with high efficiency and low risk of cytotoxicity. TransGENE product is a result of research from PHARCI in collaboration with Proline. Proline stands for Prodia Diagnostic Line, a business unit of Prodia Group engaged in In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry. 

This polymer-based transfection reagent has been registered as TransGENE product with legal permission of Research Use Only (RUO). Transfection reagent is one of the most important components that is used in the development, analysis, and production of recombinant proteins and vaccines that are established with technique in recombination using host cell lines, mammalian cells, and viral vectors. These days, the available transfection products in Indonesia are imported products with relatively high costs. Along with that, the availability itself is still minimal. TransGENE is an innovation for empowering the independence of vaccine and recombinant protein production in Indonesia.

 Laboratory scale of the establishment of polymer-based transfection reagents has been conducted in Cell Culture Assay Laboratory in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Padjadjaran University (Unpad) with lower cost compared to the transfection reagents that are currently traded in the market today. 

TransGENE has some superiorities that are listed below:

  1. Appropriate for various cell lines that are commonly used in the laboratory.

  2. Lower cytotoxicity effect.

  3. Reliable performance for applications of transfection with high throughput.

  4. Raw materials are fully synthesized with animal-free ingredients.

  5. The outstanding efficiency of transfection.