TEHDIA is a naturally sweet tea with abundant health benefits that everyone can enjoy without having any worries about high calories. 


Originally, TEHDIA was a collaborative research product from the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Padjadjaran and PT. Darya Padma Enoes (DPE) has already got HALAL certification from LPPOM MUI (Indonesian Islamic Scholars’ Council). Our product contains stevioside which can help maintain blood glucose levels.


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TEHDIA is an exclusive blend of the finest black preanger tea leaves and stevia that contains stevioside. Stevia rebaudiana is a plant that has been used by people in Paraguay and Brazil for a long time. The taste of stevia leaves is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar cane. Since it has zero calories, this natural sweetener is considered to be safer and healthier for diabetic or non-diabetic patients. The development of TEHDIA involved a quadruple helix collaboration that started from the need of diabetic patients to enjoy sweet beverages without worrying about the increasing level of blood glucose.


Preanger black tea obtained from West Java Tea Plantation was used as the raw material for TEHDIA to enhance the added value of local herbal plants. In terms of TEHDIA development, social engineering will be developed, and the raw material of stevia will be obtained from a collaboration between the Coffee Farmers Association, Plantation, and Indonesian Forestry (Gapeki) with Indonesian State Own Forestry (Perhutani). Farmers use the land of Perhutani to plant stevia, so synergic collaboration between them will be developed, land conservation will be maintained, and farmers will have personal income from stevia. PT. DPE will provide the seeds of stevia and will buy hard stevia from farmers. This will guarantee the sustainability and standard quality of stevia as a raw material for TEHDIA. This collaboration is profitable for every stakeholder; the farmer will not damage the forest, and they will preserve the forest. In other social engineering projects, TEHDIA will affect sugar consumption, decrease the prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus, and maintain blood glucose levels. Moreover, we are facing fair trade and rainforest product certification for TEHDIA. Ultimately, this will increase the quality of life of patients with diabetes.


The production of TEHDIA will initiate economic engineering, which will leverage the economy of society, especially farmers. The raw material was directly bought from the farmer (fair trade) through the Gapeki Association. Hence, TEHDIA will leverage the economic value of the Indonesian Herbal, which is not just a beverage, but also a functional beverage. The success of TEHDIA is due to the collaborative impact of the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Padjadjaran with many stakeholders. Hopefully, TEHDIA will become a viable alternative to natural sweet tea that can be enjoyed without sugar addition. This is very good for everyone without worrying about diabetes.


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