Tanya Obat

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Tanya Obat (Tanya = Ask; Obat = Drug/Medicine) is a one-stop pharmacy digital platform for the public that provides:

  1. Information about drugs
  2. Assistance in finding the nearest pharmacy
  3. Consultation with the pharmacists
  4. Health-related articles
  5. Education on the safety usage of drugs

Tanya Obat was established in 2021 as a One-Stop Pharmacy by PHARCI in collaboration with Dienggo Kreasi Nusantara.


Creating digital ecosystems in the healthcare field and providing solutions in an efficient approach.


Simplifying access to healthcare by connecting patients to healthcare professionals.

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Tanya Obat has five features for achieving its goal:

1. Cari Apotek – Finding Pharmacy

Getting to know the nearest pharmacy by providing a search engine machine that will look for a pharmacy or drug store nearby by giving inputs of the province, regency/city, and the name of the pharmacy or drug store.

2. Beli Obat – Drugs Purchasement

A feature of making a drug purchase meant through an accurate, fast, safe, and guaranteed ecosystem of digital reliable pharmacies in Indonesia that are cooperating with Tanya Obat. This feature has its own superiorities such as original guaranteed products, secured transactions, and availability in various cities in Indonesia. The drug purchase feature in Tanya Obat has a special role in maximizing the potency of pharmacies in digital platforms, elaborating on the pharmacy’s network through delivery services in collaboration with shipper.id, and providing convenience for the customers in purchasing drugs and finding the nearest pharmacy. 

3. Tanya Apoteker – Ask the Pharmacist

“Tanya Apoteker” is a feature that provides a digital consultation between users (patients) and verified pharmacists who partner with Tanya Obat. Users can freely have a self-medication consultation, a re-purchase of must-available essential medicines in the pharmacy (Obat Wajib Apotek), and have an exclusive real-time discussion with the pharmacist regarding drug usage and side effects.

4. Articles

Accurate and easily understandable health-related information that is accessible to users. The authors of the articles are verified pharmacists, pharmacy graduates, and competent pharmacy students. Articles that have been made will be reviewed by the editorial team of Tanya Obat. Articles that have been curated and passed the review process by experts then will be published digitally in the Tanya Obat application by partners. 

5. Webinar, E-modules, and Coaching Clinic

Access to information related to health and updated pharmaceutical knowledge with various benefits that are exclusively obtainable by pharmacists of Tanya Obat.

Tanya Obat has been developed systematically through some steps: development of website and application, application deployment, launching of the application, marketing, maintenance and updates, and program of Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) – a government program involving university students – to take part in tele-pharmaceutical applications development.

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