ProsPets (Prosains for Pets) has released two types of products, namely, wood bedding and high-fat feed formulations for laboratory rats. gif maker 8

ProsPets of wood bedding products have innovations in the manufacturing process in the form of filtration by machines and quality control for dryness control. ProsPets wood bedding products have the following advantages:


  1. Clean and less dust
  2. Ensuring the health of pets
  3. Odor and moisture adsorbent gif maker 9

This product can be used for the maintenance of laboratory mice, hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs.


Another product of ProsPets is a high-fat, low-protein feed (LP-0320 at a concentration of 6%) for laboratory rats. Laboratory rats fed a low-protein diet can prevent them from being overweight/obese. This feed product has a copyright registration in 2021. gif maker 7 gif maker 10

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