Statistics for Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacy Research Workshop


Current concerns about the safety of post-marketed medicines show that the importance of pharmacoepidemiology is increasing significantly. Even though the marketed drug has undergone a strict regulatory approval process, the clinical trials which was carried out have limitations in assessing the use, effectiveness, and safety of the drug in real conditions. Pharmacoepidemiology addresses this knowledge gap through studies of drug use, comparative effectiveness, and adverse drug reactions in daily clinical practice, through the application of sophisticated epidemiological and statistical approaches to population-based large data.

To be able to conduct a study of pharmacoepidemiology, it is necessary to select the appropriate research method (Study Design), correctly retrieve the data, also choosing the right method to analyze the data.


This workshop offers both theoretical and practical approach on how to choose the most appropriate study design for pharmacoepidemiology and clinical research as well as the statistic analysis to assess the data. Moreover, it provides a hands-on SPSS Workshop and case study consultation for the participants.

CP: 085220469661 (Febby)