Are you having a hard time writing a systematic review? or

Do you want to write a systematic review but have no idea where to start?

Do not worry! We have the perfect answer for those questions.

This online workshop provides theoretical and practical knowledge you need to write a systematic review.

This workshop is for beginners and led by Apt. Neily Zakiyah, Ph.D. and Apt. Sofa Dewi Alfian, Ph.D.


  1. Menyusun research question menggunakan metode PICO(T)/PECO(T) dan mengembangkan kriteria inklusi dan eksklusi
  2. Mengembangkan search strategies (memilih database, PICO(T)/PECO(T) to concepts, MeSH term, Boolean operators)

  3. Mengoptimalkan reference manager untuk proses seleksi judul/abstrak dan import reference manager Mendeley dan export ke Excel
  4. PRISMA Guidelines dan praktek membuat flowchart
  5. Data extraction (general and clinical characteristics)
  6. Interpretasi hasil dan mengambil kesimpulan

We recommend you:

  • Prepare the research question in advance.
  • Install Mandeley  in advance.

To join this workshop, we recommend you to prepare the research question in advance.

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