De-StresTM is an innovation in the form of an application to measure the level of stress and depression in teens aged above 17 years and adults. The condition of university students who are prone to stress could lead to mental health-related problems and not only affect their academic performance but also have a negative impact on their physical and mental health. Moreover, suicide cases due to stress and depression are frequently observed. Starting from this background, De-StresTM is an effort to detect early depression and prevent depression. gif maker 6 The idea of the development of the application was initially developed by the professors of the Faculty of Pharmacy Padjadjaran University, Prof. Irma Melyani Puspitasari, M.T., PhD., and Rano K. Sinuraya, M.K.M., and Witriani, M. Psi. from the Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University.   De-StresTM can monitor stress regularly. This is considered a step toward preventing depression arising from prolonged stress. The founder of the application was advised to take the test once a month. Two types of tests are available on the application. One is used for measuring the stress level and the other is used to measure the depression level. Users will be asked questions to be answered in both tests. The tests will take 5-10 minutes and then after the questions have been answered, they will be scored using the Perceived Stress Scale-10 (PSS-10) to determine the level of stress and Beck Depression Inventory-II to determine the level of depression. The results were then categorized as mild, moderate, or severe. Users who experience severe stress levels are advised to share their problems with people they trust or a psychiatrist.   De-StresTM has already received approval from the Padjadjaran University Research Ethics Committee and can be freely downloaded from the Play Store. It has been downloaded by more than 1300 users, most of whom were university students (64%).   Click here to get more info about De-StresTM: